Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vista Issues Redux

If anyone who reads this used to subscribe to my twitter blog, then you'd know, but I have vista issues
too many to list know, but may become a video project in the future

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Economic Status: My Opinion

My belief as far as the way he economy is rolling is this; White-collar CEO's have embezzled so much money, that they have driven their companies in to the dust. These white-collar guys forgot that their companies stats influenced millions of working-class citizens, who now have to take the fall for these companies. In fact, 3 local factories have gone under in the past month, one of them an automotive wheel manufacturer. The large loss of jobs has upped the crime rate, which has caused a larger need for civil servants such as police, to do their job double-time. Given, that is their job, but they are being paid by their city or state, and if that state is losing it's industry OR tourism, then obviously, their pay is going to go down, and there will be many a layoff there, too. So while you've got white-collar, stuff-shirt CEO's with a nice big Washington, DC. pocket liner, blue collar America is dying, and fast. If we don't stop this almost cancerous spread of job loss, I believe that America's economy will dive so far, that not even a complete reform may dig her up. If congress continues to give dumb-ass bankers money to fall on while it lets the 2.5 million worker strong auto industry go under, you've got to start thinking of where you could be employed. Barack Obama wants to redistribute the wealth. Well, Mr. SOON-TO-BE-HOT-STUFF president, it is my civic duty to tell you that by January, there may be no wealth to distribute. Your beloved Democratic congress has leeched the American peoples' pockets dry, and there is nowhere to turn to. Why don't you march your rear into Washington TODAY and go flip your congress over. Expose every little bit of corruption, re-establish the basics, and please, try to save something more important than investment banks, save the auto industry. Detroit is burning, and it needs the help of the Capitol Hill Fire Dept. to save her. If our big 3 go under, there will be an unemployment spike larger than ever anticipated. Sure, the car companies only have 2.5 mil. workers, but think of the other companies associated with those companies. Superior wheel, Bekaert radial belts, Autolite glass, all of these companies will no-doubt collapse, and their factories will sit, longing for her employees to come back. So, Barack Obama, instead of walking around so proud to be elected, why don't you calm right down, sit, and start writing a reform plan, because it is going to take every bit of time you have to do such a thing.
For anyone who read this, post your thoughts, get involved, write your congressman

The good music

As you may or may not know, I love classic rock, and right now, Night Moves by Bob Seger is on. I figured I'd write about why I like this genre. It lets me think of the years when my parents were teenagers, and what the past must have been like. The top reason I like most of the music is because of the velvety, smooth tones most of it has. Granted, some classic rock is a little hard, but nothing compared to the music that most of my generation listens to, where you cant even hear a word they're saying, and the guitar gives you a headache. Classic rock tells a story better than most of today's music does, case in point, the song "I kissed a girl." The song's lyrics are mostly that line, and that's just what it is, it is nothing but a girl singing about how she kissed another girl. Well, look back at bands such as CCR, the song Lodi. The song tells the story of a struggling musician who left home with big dreams, and ended up stuck in a small town playing in bars. In my book, that is better than talking about two girls kissing. Another good song that tells a story is the song, "The Weight," by the band. Levon Helms' voice, combined wit the piano, make the song sound amazing. Plus, it tells the story of how a man came in to Nazareth, PA. feeling tired, and just wants to sleep, then ends up helping half of the town.
So, if it's not blatantly obvious, my generations music SUCKS, so I listen to music of the past.


Just some tunes!