Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Letter to Mark Pryor regarding Bills 773 and 778 on cybersecurity.

Dear Senator Pryor,
My name is David Wyant, I am a junior in High School in Harrison. I am sending this email regarding bills 773 and 778 currently sitting on capitol hill. I am expressing an opinion both as a US citizen and an Arkansan. I do not believe the bill fit, or constitutional. According to our first amendment rights, we have the right to free speech, assembly, and religion. If these bills we're to pass, all privacy the internet is famous for would be lost. China has already made a decision like this. Where has there ever been a risk of cyber emergency? Maybe I'm just ignorant but it sounds to me like Jay Rockefeller just wants to know what we are doing all of the time. What if we were to end up like china where all we can do is see what the government WANTS us to see? If I'm missing something here, please email me and educate me about the bill. I understand the need for a cyber security system on the PRIVATE level but on a national level just seems a little exaggerated to me. What are the formal parameters of a cyber emergency?
Thank You for your consideration,
David Anthony Wyant
16 years old

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